Designing Effective Instruction, February 10-11

The fourth workshop in a series for mentors further develops skills necessary to guide beginning teachers in planning standards-based, differentiated instruction that engages students and advances learning.

Release Mentor Forum, December 12

Work with release mentors from other districts on refining and improving your mentoring practice.

Instructional Coaching 2: Effective Coaching Cycles, Feb 17-18

This second coaching workshop is a continuation of teaching the knowledge, skills, and practices that will advance teaching practice. Learn more about how to work with and meet the needs of a range of teachers, how to use multiple data points to inform practice, and how to ensure that the coaching experience is an empowering and transformational practice that contributes to continuous improvement.

“You are change agents for equity”

During Day 2 of “Using Data to Inform Instruction,” participants were reminded of a powerful aspect of their role: commitment to mentoring and coaching leads to becoming a change agent for equity. At the New Teacher Center workshop held December 2-3, Marc Heuer, Tom Howe, and Heather Lott led sixty-one mentors and coaches through ways to analyze student work  in order to ... Read More »

December 8, 2014 ·
Poster from NTC workshop "Using Data to Inform Instruction"

Snapshots from “Assessing Student Learning,” November 6

How do you know if, and what, your students are learning? The beginning teacher seminar in Fitchburg on November 6 focused on techniques to assess student learning, including determining the difference between summative and formative assessment. 80 beginning teachers were present.                    

November 13, 2014 ·

Group smarts at the DCNTP Board meeting October 28

“Some groups are smarter than others,” “Selecting a smart team,” and “How do you raise a group’s IQ?” are a few topics the DCNTP Board explored when they met on October 28. It turns out that the key to all of the above is not groups composed of a bunch of brilliant people. Instead, it’s a set of people who ... Read More »

November 12, 2014 ·

2014 Evaluation Survey Results

Click here for complete data from the DCNTP spring 2014 member program evaluation survey

October 28, 2014 ·