Snapshots from “Assessing Student Learning,” November 6

How do you know if, and what, your students are learning? The beginning teacher seminar in Fitchburg on November 6 focused on techniques to assess student learning, including determining the difference between summative and formative assessment. 80 beginning teachers were present.                    


Group smarts at the DCNTP Board meeting October 28

“Some groups are smarter than others,” “Selecting a smart team,” and “How do you raise a group’s IQ?” are a few topics the DCNTP Board explored when they met on October 28. It turns out that the key to all of the above is not groups composed of a bunch of brilliant people. Instead, it’s a set of people who ... Read More »


Apply for a Scholarship to the NTC Symposium in San Francisco

The DCNTP is offering two scholarships to the NTC National Symposium on Teacher Induction, February 22-24, in San Francisco. If you are a teacher leader, mentor, principal or district administrator, download the application and information sheet and apply by Friday, December 5. People who’ve attended say they return with a deeper understanding of, and commitment to, ... Read More »

Thank you note

As a mentor, you’ve seen this…

Take a few minutes to click through the current issue of eReflections from the New Teacher Center. Whether you are or are not familiar with Ellen Moir’s article about the phases new teachers go through, reading it will affirm your work as a mentor. Also be sure to read the first person narrative she refers to authored by a teacher ... Read More »

Phases of First-Year Teachers' Attitude Toward Teaching from the New Teacher Center

2014 Evaluation Survey Results

Click here for complete data from the DCNTP spring 2014 member program evaluation survey


Fixing the Leaky Bucket: Teacher Recruitment or Retention

August 1, 2014--Ellen Moir, founder and CEO of the New Teacher Center, in the Huffington Post / Fixing the Leaky Bucket: Teacher Recruitment or Retention?