PLS-2 Using Data to Inform Instruction, January 18, 2021

January 18, 2021 @ 8:00 am – January 19, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Virtually Via Zoom
$250 for DCNTP members; $225 per person if more than one from district attends.
Dan Eckhardt
PLS-2 Using Data to Inform Instruction, January 18, 2021 @ Virtually Via Zoom | Monona | Wisconsin | United States


A highly skilled mentor is key to providing new teachers with a strong induction experience that will advance their instructional practice.  In the Professional Learning Series (PLS) for Mentors, participants learn the critical knowledge, skills, and tools to initiate and maintain effective mentoring relationships with novice teaches that result in instructional growth.  Mentors practice using multiple data points to asses practice and provide meaningful feedback to teachers.  The goal is to support teachers to create and sustain Optimal Learning Environments in which the diverse needs of every learner are addressed with an unwavering attention to equity and continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.

This second session in the PLSi series will focus on the following content areas:


  • Analyzing Student Learning and Goal-Setting with a Strengths-Based Approach
  • Analyzing Student Learning:  Case of Practice and Effective Feedback
  • Scaffolding and Planning
  • Supporting Risk-Taking with Mindsets and Self-Awareness
  • Application to Practice


  • Reflect upon mentoring experiences and evidence that demonstrates your work with beginning teachers
  • Examine Analyzing Student Learning and other data to plan stands-based, scaffolded lessons that support a wide range of student needs in an Optimal Learning Environment
  • Practice self-awareness and perspective-taking in order to mitigate bias when analyzing student learning
  • Integrate the Analyzing Student Learning process and tool into the coaching cycle as a sway to inform planning and instruction

Tools & Processes Introduced

  • Analyzing Student Learning (ASL)
  • Administrator-Mentor Communication Log (AMCL)
  • Knowing Students (KS)
  • Revisit:  Planning Conversation Guide (PCG)


This training runs from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and will take place virtually.


Workshop is $250 per person for DCNTP members; $225 per person for more than one attending from a district.  We will invoice your district after the workshop. Please make checks payable to Waunakee Community Schools, and mail to Dan Eckhardt, DCNTP c/o Heritage Elementary School, 501 South Street, Waunakee, WI  53597

We do not accept credit cards. You will receive an invoice after the workshop.

Contact: Dan Eckhardt

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