Supporting New Educators of Color

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Partners for Racial Inclusion: Supporting New Educators Of Color








2021-22 Partners for Racial Inclusion, left to right: Jay Garvey Shah, Marisa Flowers, Sarada Weber, Antonio Hoye 


We believe and hope that the partnerships will help us to:

Create a collaborative community grounded in joy – Connect and help navigate the spaces we’re in – Think through challenges – Celebrate amazing work – Create community and belonging across our region – Build a collective network and support system – Create a space for staff to feel at home and bring their authentic selves with other BIPOC educators

The goal of this new supportive team:

Research on retention of Educators Of Color continues to point to the unique needs that extend beyond what is offered in current mentoring programs. Our districts are working to attract and retain a staff that reflects the student population. We seek to affirm and support one another in our professional careers. As teachers of color, we know it can be both challenging and fulfilling to work here. We seek to actively partner with new educators of color in Dane County to both sustain our joy and to address the challenges we uniquely face in order to build a strong and compassionate community.  


  • New Educators within the first 3 years of their career in the Dane County area as an employee of one of the DCNTP or DCEC districts*
  • Experienced Partners from the Dane County area have been selected to lead this work.


Both the Partners for Racial Inclusion and the New Educators earn the same hourly wage.

For New Educators, it is estimated that this will include up to 32 hours throughout the year for a total of up to $1500.00. 

  • Partnership meetings: 2 hours per month x 10 months (August – May) (20 hours)
  • New Educator Cadre Quarterly Meetings (12 hours)


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24 New Educators will be accepted. The deadline is September 15.


Please direct any questions to: Heather Lott, DCNTP Chair