For Instructional Coaches


Instructional Coach Series (IC)

There is no prerequisite for IC-1, Instructional Coach Training One: Using Formative Assessment. After that, the prerequisite for each PLS in the series is the one before it.

  • IC 1 Instructional Coach Training One: Using Formative Assessment, August 8-9
  • IC 2 Instructional Coach Training Two: Effective Coaching Cycles, October 11-12
  • IC 3 Instructional Coach Training Three: Analyzing Student Work to Inform Differentiated Instruction, December 6-7
  • IC 4 Instructional Coach Training Four: Supporting Effective Instruction, February 7-8

Year Two

  • IC 5 Coaching for Equitable Instruction, October 25-26
  • IC 6 Coaching in Complex Situations, November 29-30
  • IC 7 Designing and Presenting Professional Learning, January 31-February 1
  • IC 8 Coaching as Leadership, March 7-8