Presentations from Symposium 2016 at District Council on April 18

Bring a team of three to five people to District Council on April 18 to hear the latest thinking from national experts on induction-related topics like improving student achievement, empowering teachers, and shifting the focus of classroom management to ownership.

Symposium attendees will present mini-versions of selected sessions from this year’s New Teacher Center Induction Symposium, held February 21-23 in Bellevue, Washington. You will come away with tools you can use immediately.

District Council, April 18, 2016, presenters: Anne Nichols, Jacki Greene, Aloy Pien, Kathleen Doherty, Michelle Jensen, Keith Schneider
District Council, April 18, 2016, presenters: Anne Nichols, Jacki Greene, Aloy Pien, Kathleen Doherty, Michelle Jensen, Keith Schneider

Kathleen Doherty, Full Release Mentor, Madison Metropolitan School District
Using Student Cultures to Shift the Focus from Classroom Management to Classroom Ownership
Explore culturally and linguistically relevant teaching practices from Columbia University professor and hip-hop educator Chris Emdin. We’ll look at a subset of what he calls the “7Cs” and review resources for digging further into that work. Chris Emdin fuses critical pedagogy (in the spirit of Paolo Freire) and cultural relevance (in the spirit of Gloria Ladson Billings) to create a repertoire of approaches designed to embrace and build upon the strengths of youth culture generally, and student’s particular family culture more specifically. These approaches are less about lesson planning per se and more about ways of being for teachers in terms of their approach to planning, teaching, and creating classroom climates.

Jacki Greene (filling in for Laura Love), Instructional Coach, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District 
Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Initial Educators
Encourage participants who work with initial educators to consider multiple professional learning options that support the development of emotional resilience.

Michelle Jensen, Full Release Mentor, Sun Prairie Area School District
Teachers Matter
Reflect on the unique skills, qualities, and talents of teachers that will benefit the team, school, or district.  You will walk away with a plan as to how and when to empower a specific change-maker that you work with in your position.

Anne Nichols, Associate Principal, McFarland School District
Anchor in a Sea of Change
Build emotional resilience and empower new teachers, mentors, and teacher leaders by reflecting on your leadership skills and the characteristics of influential leaders in your life.  Start this journey with the power of one word!

Aloy Pien, Instructional Program Manager: Professional Development K-12, Sun Prairie Area School District
Interrupting Implicit Bias: Listening, Responding, and Challenging Strategies
Discover strategic techniques around closing the gap between beliefs and practices through the the art of constructivist listening and coaching. Uncover six stances and questioning stems that help lead transformational change in practice. You will leave with a strategy to try the next day to impact your coaching or leadership in the area of beliefs and biases.

Keith Schneider, Principal and District Curriculum Director, Cambridge School District
 CSI–A Tool for Improving Feedback
Improve student achievement by developing your new (and existing) teachers through effective feedback. One such tool to assist principals is the CSI (Content/Strategies/Impact).  The CSI Feedback Frame gives principals a simple yet effective method to provide quick, on-demand feedback that can move teaching practices forward.

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