The following products were created by New Teacher Center and customized for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Teacher Standards Cards: 

This two-sided coated card notes the ten Wisconsin professional teaching standards.  The standards are designed to be used by teachers to prompt reflection about student learning and teaching practice and to provide a common language and vision of the scope and complexity of teaching.  This is designed to be used with the Wisconsin Continuum of Teacher Development.

Cost:  $1.50 per card plus shipping.

 Wisconsin Continuum of Teacher Development:

The Continuum describes practice and professional development throughout a teacher’s career.  It is aligned with Wisconsin Teacher Standards and is organized to describe five levels of development.  The Continuum provides a common language for setting and discussing goals for professional development within an environment of collegial support.  It is meant as a guide for self-reflection, assessment, and conversation among beginning teachers, mentor and site administrators.

Single 25 page booklet.  Item#  BKL-CTD-USWI-08-EN
Cost:  $8.00 plus shipping

Wisconsin Collaborative Assessment Log:

During each meeting and classroom visit,  the Collaborative Assessment Log prompts the novice to celebrate classroom success, identify and prioritize challenges, and commit to specific next steps.  The two-part NCR  CAL not only guides the interaction, it also serves to record the new teacher’s professional growth.

Can order two ways:
Shrink wrapped package of 25 Wisconsin Collaborative Assessment Logs.
Item# TL-CAL-USWI-08-EN.   Cost:  $20.00 plus shipping.

Shrink wrapped package of 25 Wisconsin Collaborative Assessment Logs with standards card
Item# TL-CALST-USWI-08-EN. Cost:  $20.00 plus shipping.

Additional New Teacher Center Products suggested for Dane County New Teacher Project District Members

Induction Program Standards

Item#:  BKL-IPS-US-1106-EN
Cost:  $8.00

Continuum of Program Standards

Item#: BKL-CPD-US-1024-EN
Cost:  $8.00

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